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Congratulations Winners!

The Elk Grove Unified School District, in partnership with Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, is proud to announce the 2014 Think Clean Contest winners!

We recently asked students of the Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) to enter our first-ever Think Clean Contest. The contest encouraged students to submit ideas on how to conserve water in their local communities. We received over 200 entries from schools across the district. The winners were chosen based on their creativity, topic-specificity, and the sustainability and impact of their ideas.

Please help us in congratulating the six winners of the Think Clean contest:

  • First Place High School Winner – Lissette Cabrera, a ninth grader from Las Flores High School, was awarded $250 for her essay on California’s current drought situation. Her submission included numerous ideas for homeowners to perform around their homes to conserve water, as well as the projections for how much water could be saved by performing each task.
  • First Place Middle School Winner – Catherine Elizabeth Hatcher, an eighth grader from Katherine L. Albani Middle School, was awarded $250 for her essay on water purification and distillation using a specially-made lens.
  • Second Place High School Winner – Yash Dani, a ninth grader from Laguna Creek High School, was awarded $150 for his essay on using gardening methods and tools to save water.
  • Second Place Middle School Winner – Rebecca Mak, from Toby Johnson Middle School, was awarded $150 for her poster illustrating how water can be saved in areas around the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and the yard.
  • Third Place Middle School Winner – Ethan Meza, an eighth grader from Harriet Eddy Middle School, was rewarded $100 for his drawing and written explanation about a special robot that can turn humidity in the air into usable water.
  • Third Place Middle School Winner – Kelly Lem, from Toby Johnson Middle School, was awarded $100 for her poster entry on how to save water in the home, including taking shorter showers and timing sprinklers, as well as an explanation of how wasting water will impact the community.

“Our partnership with EGUSD was a great way for Beutler to give back to our local schools, while raising awareness about the current drought in California,” said Jim Anderberg, General Manager of Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing Sacramento. “It’s rewarding to see how the students recognized the importance of conserving water to benefit not just themselves, but their communities, the environment and future generations.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, please call 916-646-2222.