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Get Your Pipes Checked

Fall is an exciting time of year–leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping and boots and scarves once again make an appearance in our wardrobes. But as we begin to close in on the upcoming holidays, it’s important to remember that your kitchen and bath work hard for you on a daily basis. This time of year, take a moment to show your kitchen and bath some love by having the pipes in your home checked by a certified professional. Reduce your risk of pipe damage from the below causes by having your pipes checked by a professional:

  • Old Pipes. Knowing the age of your pipes will help you determine the urgency of a checkup. It is never too early to have them checked to keep your pipes running smoothly, but knowing the age can help you determine the likeliness of a problem.
  • Tree Roots. You might not see them, but tree roots often “follow” underground pipes, which can lead to extensive pipe damage. If you have mature trees near a sewer or water line, there is a chance that the tree could be the cause of pipe damage.
  • Ignoring the Warning Signs. Stammering faucets, low water pressure and discolored water may be more of a problem than you think. These could be indications of a leaking water line. Detecting these issues and having them evaluated by a professional could save you from serious damage later on.
  • Sudden Temperature Swings. If you live in an area where it seems as though the weather is constantly jumping from hot to cold, you could be more susceptible to pipe damage. It has been documented that even a 10-degree change in temperature can cause increased stress on your pipes.

Keep your kitchen and bath in the best shape possible this November by having a certified plumbing professional at Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing check your home’s pipes. If you’re interested in scheduling a pipe check-up, give Beutler a call at 916-646-2222 for more information.