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How Cameras Help Your Plumber Inspect Your Sewer Line

You may have used a camera to take images of everything from family members to sunsets, but you’ve probably never thought about what it would be like to photograph the inside of your sewer line. When there’s a clog in your line, however, having a visual guide can be invaluable for helping your plumbing technician diagnose the problem and deal with it. Here is a brief introduction to the increasingly critical role that cameras play in plumbing inspections.

Diagnosing the problem. Any number of things can go wrong with your sewer line, including an intrusive tree root, a tiny leak, a blocked pipe, or advanced corrosion. When a problem threatens to interfere with your daily plumbing needs, it’s time to call for a professional. Now, however, your plumbing technician faces the problem of accessing the problem area—which may be under solid rock or cement, or even under your home itself.

Accessing the problem. The solution is simple: Your plumber can use a snake to reach down through the line to the source of the problem, and use a special waterproof video camera to take images of it. These images can be saved, sent back to the plumber, and studied in order to determine what needs to be done. All of this can be accomplished without disrupting the pipe itself or the ground surrounding it, making the plumbing repair faster and easier.

Solving the problem. Depending on what the issue turns out to be, your plumber can then recommend the best course of action. If there is a clog in your sewer line, your plumber may try to clear it by running a cable through your pipe. If the pipe is severely corroded and in danger of potential collapse, however, you may be advised to have it completely replaced. Whatever your plumber recommends, you can rest assured that it will be based on an accurate picture of the inside of your line.

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