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California Drought Facts You May Not Know

Droughts in California have become all too common. According to The California Department of Water Resources, California has suffered seven-multiyear droughts in the last century alone. This past spring was the driest three-year stretch in California since 1895 1. In fact, Sacramento experienced their driest year at the beginning of the drought in 2013 1 and unfortunately, things haven’t improved much since then. Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing aims to help by educating the homeowners of Sacramento on the drought and relaying some important water conservation tips.

Since the drought is at the top of many of our minds, here are a few fast facts that Sacramento homeowners may not know:

In January of 2014, Governor Jerry Brown of California declared a drought State of Emergency and directed state officials to take all necessary actions to prepare for water shortages 2.

According to the U.S Geological Survey, Californians use an average of 181 gallons of water each day 3.

Governor Brown also implemented “mandatory water reduction across California, in effort to reduce water usage by 25 percent. This measure includes replacing 50 million square feet of lawns throughout the state with drought- tolerant landscaping, banning the watering of grass on public street medians, requiring agricultural water users to report their water use to state regulators, and requiring large landscapes such as campuses, golf courses and cemeteries to make significant cuts in water use 4.”

This drought drastically affects the environment, but also affects the everyday lives of Californians.

California produces about half of the fruits, vegetables and nuts grown in the United States 5.

If the drought continues, the prices of produce and nuts have the potential to skyrocket 6.

Each summer, we see the news plagued with wildfires. The dry, drought-ridden land worsens the likelihood of wildfires, which are destroying homes and communities all over California.

What can you do to help end this drought?

Conserve water in your everyday life. You can start by taking shorter showers, changing your showerhead to a conservation-friendly faucet, and fixing leaky faucets.

Be aware. Being aware of the drastic effects of the drought and being cautious with water usage can make a huge difference.

Continue reading Beutler’s plumbing blog! We’re always sharing information and tips on water saving!

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