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A Look at the Benefits of Whole-Home Water Filtration

Fresh, clean, and healthy water is nothing more than what your family deserves. However, the water that comes from your faucets and taps can be affected by many factors, including the natural minerals in your water supply, accidental bacterial contamination, and even the buildup inside your home’s plumbing pipes. All of these factors can affect the taste, clarity, performance, and even safety of your water, but there is a simple solution to ensure your family receives only the freshest water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Whole-home water filtration systems offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what’s in your water. There are several filtration solutions to choose from, allowing you to select and install the water filtration or treatment system that is exactly right for your needs.

Better-Tasting Water

The water you receive from your taps for drinking and cooking should taste clean and refreshing. When your water doesn’t taste as it should, it’s a clear sign that some form of contamination exists, even if the taste is not due to harmful causes. Whole-home filtration systems remove the minerals and buildup associated with unpleasant tastes in water, leaving you better-tasting water that will improve the quality of beverages and meals.

Longer-Lasting Plumbing Fixtures

Minerals and other particles or chemicals in your home’s water can contribute to premature plumbing buildup or failure. The most common example of this process is the limescale buildup associated with hard water, which can clog showerheads and corrode plumbing fixtures, drastically shortening their lifetime. Hard water can even affect the longevity of your larger plumbing appliances, including your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. Rather than spending money frequently to repair or replace these fixtures, installing a whole-home water filtration system is a one-time cost that will extend the longevity and improve the efficiency of every plumbing fixture and feature in your home, including your pipes and connections.

Maximum Health

The water you receive from faucets and fixtures can affect your health in many ways. Water is essential to life, but whether you ingest water or absorb it through your skin, contaminants in your home’s water can contribute to the development or irritation of skin conditions, respiratory conditions, and even bacterial or viral illnesses. In extreme cases, contaminants in your water can increase your risk of cancer with long-term exposure and ingestion. Water filtration systems ensure that the water you use every day is clean and healthy, eliminating the risk of health-related concerns associated with your water. A whole-home filtration system will complement your efforts to keep your family healthy and well, and can drastically improve quality of life for those with allergies, chronic skin conditions, and suppressed immune systems.

Are you ready to enjoy cleaner, healthier water at home in Folsom, CA? You can reach one of our plumbing experts today via our website to discuss our available water filtration systems and determine the best solution for your family and your home. We also invite you to take a look through our previous blog articles to learn even more about the factors that affect your water, your health, and your plumbing.