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How Does Your Plumber Repair a Damaged Sewer Line?

Sewer line repair is not a do-it-yourself job. When you experience a sewer clog, backup, or collapse, it’s time to call in your professional plumber for an expert repair solution that will take effect quickly and last for years to come. The technique your plumber uses to complete a sewer line repair will depend on the cause behind the problem you’re experiencing. In most cases, professional sewer line repair begins with an assessment of the behavior your drains or sewer is exhibiting, along with a remote camera inspection to visualize the condition of the pipe. Once your plumber has gotten a look at the interior of your sewer line, he’ll suggest the best type of repair to eliminate the issue and restore normal sewer line drainage.


If your plumber determines that your sewer line is blocked by a clog, he’ll use a snake, also called an auger, to either pull up the clog or break up the clogging material so it can be flushed through the line. A snake consists of a hand- or motor-driven cable that can be extended through your sewer line to reach a clog; the hooked or pointed end of the snake can then be used to destroy or remove the material causing the clog. If the camera inspection of your sewer line indicated significant grease, fat, or debris buildup inside the line, your plumber may suggest an additional service called hydro-jetting, which uses a high-pressure jet of water to scour away buildup and leave your sewer line like new. Additionally, if tree roots are found clogging your sewer line, your plumber will need to take additional steps after removing the roots to complete the sewer line repair process.

Trenchless Repair or Replacement

If your sewer line has been broken, collapsed, or dislodged, trenchless sewer line repair is the best solution to restore proper drainage. During this process, your plumber will need to dig one or two small holes in your yard just a few feet in diameter. Using specialized equipment, a new pipe liner can be pulled through your existing line to seal off the damaged area and restore function without allowing sewage to leak into your yard. If the pipe has collapsed or become dislocated, however, an entirely new pipe must be laid. During this process, your plumber will first “blow out” your existing pipe from within and create a space through the collapsed or impacted dirt causing the issue, then pull a new sewer line through the cleared area to replace the damaged line and complete the repair.

While sewer lines are meant to last for many decades, several issues can affect the function of this vital plumbing component. If you think you may need sewer line repair in Sacramento, don’t hesitate to contact your plumber by phone or via our web contact form to schedule a visit. Addressing a sewer line issue as soon as possible will minimize the risk of water damage and backups that can disrupt your daily routine by affecting drainage throughout your home. You can find more information about our plumbing services on our website, where we also host additional blog posts with tips, news, and other information.