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Saving Time and Money with a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know that your thermostat could be holding you back from achieving the HVAC savings you want? Your thermostat influences your home’s energy usage daily by controlling when and for how long your HVAC system activates. A thermostat that is difficult or inconvenient to use can increase energy usage simply because you may forget or not have time to make the adjustments necessary for maximum performance and savings. Programmable thermostats can make the constant need to adjust your thermostat a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of an easy-to-use and efficient thermostat and HVAC system.

Automatic Temperature Adjustments

One of the biggest benefits of a programmable thermostat is its ability to automate temperature adjustments in your home. The best way to save energy and money associated with your HVAC system is to adjust the temperature in your home based on your schedule and your needs. Turning your cooling or heating down when you’re not present by just a few degrees is an easy yet effective way to cut your energy bills; however, if you have a manual thermostat, this means physically adjusting the temperature each time you leave and return. A programmable thermostat allows you to set a program based on your schedule and then simply forget about your thermostat until your schedule or the weather changes. The ability to automate these temperature adjustments makes it easier and more convenient to maximize your energy savings with absolutely no effort on your part.

More Efficient Heating and Cooling

A programmable thermostat will not only reduce your home heating and cooling costs, it will also boost the efficiency—and longevity—of your HVAC system. Regardless of the AFUE or SEER rating of the appliances you’ve purchased, the true key to getting the greatest heating and cooling efficiency possible is using your furnace and air conditioner effectively to manage the environment in your home. A programmable thermostat can accomplish this task easily, especially today’s newest models with internet connectivity and learning capabilities. By increasing the efficiency with which you use your HVAC system, a programmable thermostat will reduce daily strain on these appliances to keep them running for longer, reducing the risk of premature and costly replacement.

If you’re wondering about the benefits of a programmable thermostat for your home and how to achieve them, our HVAC and air quality experts can help. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of thermostat products to help you choose and install the solution that is just right for your needs, whether you prefer a basic model or a top-of-the-line learning thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity. Please stop by our website or check out our blog for more information about saving energy, money, and time with top-quality HVAC products and services in the Sacramento area.