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Your Sacramento Plumbing and Your Water Quality

The quality of your home’s water and the condition of your plumbing are intricately connected. While the quality of your water can affect the longevity and function of your plumbing, plumbing problems can also have an effect on the water that comes from your taps. Understanding this connection and how you can achieve healthier, cleaner, and more comfortable water is a significant step towards a more valuable home and even greater everyday convenience. Your plumber in Sacramento, CA, can help you evaluate your home’s water to make an informed decision regarding the best plumbing improvements for your home.

How Your Water Quality Affects Your Plumbing

The hardness of your water refers to the amount of dissolved minerals it contains. Water with a higher concentration of dissolved minerals is considered “hard water,” and can have both short- and long-term effects on your plumbing. When your water is hard, the dissolved minerals can quickly and easily build up inside your plumbing pipes, drains, fixtures, as well as any appliance that uses water, such as your washing machine or water heater. Buildup inside your pipes restricts their volume, which can lower your water pressure; it also causes corrosion of the pipes themselves, which results in hidden leaks that can also cause lower water pressure, as well as widespread water damage throughout your home. Mineral buildup inside fixtures and appliances will cause them to work harder, increasing the cost of operation while also shortening their functional lifetime, requiring you to replace them prematurely. Treating your incoming water with a water softening system is an effective way to eliminate the frequent calls for plumbing repair that are often associated with hard water.

How Your Plumbing Affects Your Water Quality

Even if your water is not particularly hard, the condition of your plumbing can also affect the quality of the water you receive. An aging water heater or deteriorating pipes often contain mineral buildup, rust, and dirt. This often causes water to come from the taps with a high concentration of dirt or rust, as well as an unpleasant metallic smell or taste. Older plumbing systems and fixtures can also contribute dirt, rust, and a metallic taste to your water as the materials from which they are made begin to break down and enter your water. If you have a whole-home filter that requires regular cleaning or cartridge replacement, the condition and upkeep of this feature will also have an impact on the quality of water inside your home. Your plumber can perform a whole-home assessment to determine the overall age and condition of your plumbing, then make recommendations such as cleaning, maintenance, or replacement to improve plumbing performance and increase the quality of the water you use for everyday tasks.

Are you ready to learn more about your home’s water quality and how to improve it? You can reach a plumber in Sacramento to discuss your home’s water, as well as water treatment options and new plumbing installation when you visit our comprehensive company website. We also encourage you to explore our blog for more tips, information, and advice you can apply to your home’s plumbing system.