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Toilets 101

Did you know that over a quarter of our household water usage simply comes from flushing the toilets, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency? An inefficient toilet can cause damage to your bank account in higher water bills, as well as your home, if leaks are not identified and treated properly. In order to save you money, and water, our technicians at Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing came up with a few simple tips for you.

  • Listen to your toilet: If you’re hearing unusual gurgling or dripping noises, you might be experiencing problems with your drains. A simple fix from a plumbing expert could maintain your system and ensure that the problem does not worsen.
  • Look for leaks: According to the EPA, toilets are said to be one of the main sources for water waste due to leaks and inefficiency. There are many parts to a toilet that can cause a leak. So make sure to check your toilet for anything out of the ordinary that might occur, like ‘phantom flushing’ or having to jiggle the handle to make the toilet stop running.
  • Install a High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) or a Low Flow Toilet: HETs and low flow toilets save a noticeable amount of water when flushing, and may reduce your water bill monthly. To achieve ratings of high efficiency or low flow, toilets must meet rigorous requirements of performance functionality and EPA criteria. Installing an HET or low flow toilet can mean fewer headaches for you!

If you’re ready to have a high efficiency toilet installed, need a leak fixed, or would like to schedule a check-up from a trusted professional, call Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing at 916-646-2222 or visit our website for more information.