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Tips for a Safe Winter Season at Home

Winter is just around the corner.  But before the cold, wet weather hits, consumers should be aware of certain safety measures to keep their homes running efficiently throughout the months to come.

Many homeowners are quick to prepare the interior of their homes for the colder nights, but it’s also important to not forget about the exterior!

Ensuring that running water entering and exiting your home properly is vital, to ensure your pipes don’t freeze. Here are some quick tips on how to keep your plumbing up to par, in the winter months.

  • Fix Leaks: Fixing any existing leaks in your plumbing system is extremely important before the cold winter hits. Even the tiniest of water leaks can become a major problem during winter. Call your local plumber to inspect your exposed pipes, both indoors and outdoors, as well as faucets in your kitchen, utility room, and bathrooms.
  • Insulate your Exposed Pipes: Any exposed pipes should be insulated for winter so pipes are less prone to freezing or bursting.
  • Outdoor Hoses, Faucets and Sprinklers: Again, check for leaks in your outdoor faucets, hoses and sprinklers. Next, drain and remove any hoses before the cold hits to ensure they don’t freeze and cause damage. If you have a sprinkler system, you should turn off the water and flush any water that remains. Any questions? Call the experts at Beutler Plumbing.
  • Main Water Valve: It’s important to know where your home’s main water valve is located. If a pipe freezes or bursts, knowing where your water main shutoff valve is can allow you to quickly turn off the water and reduce the potential for more damage.

Your plumbing experts at Beutler are here to help. If you experience any plumbing problems in the upcoming winter months, give us a call at 916-646-2222.