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Your Sacramento home’s plumbing is a complex system of pipes, drains, fixtures, and appliances. Keeping your plumbing healthy not only protects your home, but improves your plumbing’s daily performance and reduces the risk of a stressful clog, backup, or leak. Just a few simple plumbing maintenance tasks and tips can help you lower your risk of ever suffering the inconvenience of a major plumbing problem at home.

Know Your Water’s Hardness

Hard water refers to water that contains a significant amount of dissolved minerals. The harder your water, the greater the potential for damage to your home’s plumbing over the long term. While hard water is safe to drink, it can cause buildup inside your pipes and drains, affecting your water pressure and eventually leading to corrosion that causes leaks. The dissolved minerals in hard water can also build up on fixtures, faucets, and inside appliances, shortening their functional lifespans and affecting their aesthetic appearance. Talk to your Sacramento plumber about measuring your water’s hardness—adding a water softener to your home if your water is particularly hard can protect your plumbing from the damage caused by exposure to hard water.

Keep Your Drains Clear

Drain cleaning is one of the most commonly-requested home plumbing services. However, most clogs build up slowly, meaning you can take steps to prevent or eliminate them before a major backup occurs. One of the best ways to keep your drains clear of clogs is to avoid flushing any food or trash down your sinks and toilets. If you have a garbage disposal, make sure it can handle the foods you are placing down the kitchen drain—some foods, such as bones, rinds, and eggshells, should always be thrown in the trash, rather than put into a garbage disposal. As soon as you notice a drain acting differently, try plunging it or using an enzymatic drain cleaner to eliminate the building clog; never use harsh drain cleaning chemicals, as these can actually damage the drain or plumbing pipe, causing leaks and other problems to occur.

Address Problems and Changes Immediately

Over time, you’ll likely get to know how your home’s plumbing acts. Thus, as soon as you notice a change in your plumbing, it’s important to call in your plumber to identify the problem and make any repairs or replacements as necessary. Many leaks are well-hidden, making them impossible to find by direct means. Instead, you may notice a drop in water pressure or a rise in your home’s water bills, both of which indicate there is an issue brewing that should be handled by a professional plumber. Solving your plumbing problems quickly, even when they are small, is one of the best ways to prevent major damage from ever occurring and keep your home’s plumbing healthier so it will last longer and perform better throughout its lifetime.

Your Sacramento plumber can help you with everything from your home’s general plumbing needs to specific repairs, replacements, and emergency service—you can find out more about the drain cleaning and other Sacramento plumbing services we offer when you visit our website. We also invite you to check out our new monthly blog for additional tips and information to keep your plumbing in great shape and handle any issues that do occur quickly and easily.