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How Is Drain Cleaning Done?

Few homeowners stop to think about how often they use their drain systems. From showers and brushing your teeth, to flushing your toilet, laundry and dishes, your home’s drains are a critical component of your house. With all the use that they get, it’s no surprise that they can start to develop problems and issues like clogs and leaks. A great way to keep your drains working well is to get regular Walnut Creek drain cleaning. During these visits, your plumber will clean out every part of your home’s plumbing system in order to remove clogs and keep your drains working properly. But how is this actually done? Here at Beutler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we’ve been cleaning drains for many years and often get asked how drain cleaning is actually done. Take a look below at some of the equipment, techniques and tolls that we use for our drain cleaning services.

The Scour Jet

One of the most useful tools that we use for drain cleaning in Walnut Creek is a scour jet. While other companies might use metal snakes or harmful chemicals, a scour jet cleaning system is much safer and environmentally friendly. A scour jet uses a high pressure blast of water to remove debris and clogged materials from your pipes. Not only is this safer on your pipes, but it is also highly effective.

Video Camera Pipe Inspection

Another essential tool for our Walnut Creek drain cleaning experts is our video camera pipe inspection technology. This piece of equipment uses a small camera attached to a long wire. Our plumbers feed it into your pipes and it sends back an image to our operator on a screen. This allows our plumbers to see deep into your drains and pipes in order to find any clogs and leaks. By knowing what is in your drains and causing problems, we can more precisely target our cleaning efforts. We can also check our work to make sure that we completely removed any clogs and blockages.

Benefits of Walnut Creek Drain Cleaning Services

For Walnut Creek homeowners that choose to invest in the future of their plumbing system by getting professional Walnut Creek drain cleaning, there are a few very attractive potential benefits. Probably the most important benefit is that it could reduce the need for plumbing repair. By removing clogs early and fixing leaks at their first sign, you might be able to avoid many common problems. Another great benefit of regular drain cleaning is that your drains will likely operate much more effectively.

If you’re interested in setting up regular Walnut Creek drain cleaning services, call the friendly plumbing experts at Beutler Air Conditioning &Plumbing.