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Delta Wetlands Project

The Delta Wetlands Project is a water supply and habitat restoration project with a unique approach to addressing California’s water crisis. Beutler Plumbing would like to make you aware of this valuable solution for California’s water crisis, as well as other methods to conserve water.

This project stores water from two islands in the Sacramento-Delta area during the winter, then returns the water back into the channels during summer to release new sources of water for the region. This effort seeks to alleviate some of the drought consequences in an environmentally-conscious way.

In light of the drought, the Delta Wetlands Project is critical to California and its effort aims to help current and future water supply challenges.

Other ways you can help by conserving your water:

With the Delta in such close proximity to the Sacramento area, Beutler Plumbing would like to offer some tips for saving water and helping the Delta Wetlands Project during the current water crisis.

  • Find the right plants to put in your yard! Plants require varying amounts of watering. For instance, the California Fuchsia is water-smart because it requires very little watering, as opposed to large lawns that require consistent sprinklers to retain color.
  • Limit your water use in the kitchen. Simple tasks like fixing leaky faucets and minimizing dishwasher usage are easy ways to limit consumption. Hand washing utensils before using the dishwasher doubles the amount of water down the drain.
  • Keep your showers short – 5 minutes is best. Long showers consume large quantities of water. Try to keep your showers short and sweet!

Are you interested in getting more information on how you can help conserve water at home? To schedule a service with a Beutler professional, contact us at 916-646-2222, or look around the site.