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Could You Benefit from a New Thermostat in Sacramento?

Your home heating and cooling system is only as effective as the thermostat that controls it. While you may not consider your thermostat a vital factor that affects home comfort, the truth is that the quality of your thermostat plays a large part in your energy costs and your comfort over the course of each year. If you are working with an outdated, failing, or inefficient thermostat, you could be spending more than necessary to heat and cool your home, as well as placing undue strain on your HVAC appliances. New thermostat installation in Sacramento, CA, could be the key to enjoying a more efficient and more comfortable household.

Is Your Thermostat Hard to Adjust?

Your thermostat should make it easy to read off your home’s temperature and make simple adjustments. Older manual thermostats can be difficult to use because they don’t provide an exact temperature reading and have only a manual slider available to adjust the temperature up or down. This older technology can impact your ability to make small temperature changes, which in turn can cost you more on your home’s heating and cooling bills. Poor temperature control can also leave your home feeling too cold or too hot, causing you to continually return to the thermostat to make adjustments. Upgrading an older manual thermostat to a digital model is the easiest way to immediately enjoy better temperature control and energy savings. This newer technology offers an easy-to-read temperature display and allows you to make accurate adjustments to your home’s temperature in more precise increments for greater comfort at lower cost.

Does Your Thermostat Help You Save Money?

One of the simplest ways to cut your home comfort costs is to use temperature programs to heat and cool your home. Programmable and learning thermostats make implementing this solution easy by automatically adjusting your home’s temperature up or down for more or less heating and cooling based on your daily schedule. Heating and cooling your home less while you’re away and more when you are present is an easy way to ensure you always feel comfortable without spending more than necessary on your monthly bills. This smart strategy also reduces strain on your heating and cooling system by only demanding work from your furnace and air conditioner as needed, rather than forcing your HVAC appliances to heat and cool an empty home. Programmable thermostats require you to set your own heating and cooling programs, which can then be adjusted any time your schedule changes. Many learning thermostats skip or minimize this step, letting the thermostat sense your heating and cooling preferences along with your daily activities to develop the most efficient program that will adapt to your schedule for the utmost savings and convenience.

Your home heating and cooling expert can help you determine whether you might benefit from new thermostat installation in Sacramento, CA, to update your home’s temperature and humidity control system. Installing a thermostat that effectively controls your home’s comfort levels will not only save you money, but increase the longevity of your heating and cooling system and ensure every room of your home receives ideal comfort all year long. You can find out more about our thermostat installation options and the other heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products we carry on our website; we also encourage you to check out our blog for more home heating and cooling tips.