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Common Reasons for Heating Repair Calls

Heating repair is one of your HVAC service’s top jobs during cool winter weather. Regardless of the type of heating system your home employs, wear, tear, and dirt or dust buildup can all combine to cause heating trouble that affects your comfort indoors. The longer you let your heating system remain in poor shape, the more expensive home heating will become and the higher your risk of more extensive problems in the future. Knowing the most common issues your furnace may develop and how to spot the signs that you need heating repair service in Sacramento, CA, can help you stay on top of any heating problems to minimize the risk of expensive repair costs or system replacement.

Damaged Blower Motor

Central heating and cooling systems rely on a single air handler to move air through your HVAC system, as well as push it into the ducts of your home so you can enjoy heated or cooled air in every room. Because it is constantly in use throughout the year, the blower motor responsible for airflow through the system can be particularly susceptible to wear that may lead to heating problems. If your blower motor is damaged, it may result in poor heating or no heating at all. Some of the most common signs of a damaged or failing blower motor include poor or no airflow through your vents when your furnace cycles on, a clicking sound when your heating system starts up, or a burning smell when your heating system is running, which can be caused by frayed or aging electrical components. The blower motor is an important and intricate component of your heating system—if you notice any of these issues, it’s time to call for heating repair service from a professional you trust, rather than trying to solve the problem on your own.

Dirty or Damaged Pilot and Ignition System

Gas furnaces rely on a pilot light and ignition system to create heat every time your heating system activates. However, these systems are also prone to soot and dirt buildup over time, especially when used frequently or if regular maintenance is skipped. When these components become dirty, gas flow can be diminished or cut off completely, which directly affects the ability of your furnace to heat your home. The most common signs of a dirty pilot and ignition system include the absence of a pilot light, a pilot light that burns yellow or orange, and rumbling or banging noises that are audible when your furnace activates. It’s essential to call for professional heating repair if you believe there may be a problem associated with your furnace’s combustion assembly.

Working with a professional heating repair service in Greater Sacramento is the best way to minimize the impact of heating problems on your comfort at home. We are dedicated to providing fast and effective heating solutions without hassle; as soon as you notice a change in the behavior of your HVAC system, visit our website to contact an experienced heating expert for help. You can also learn more about managing and maintaining your heating system when you check out our online blog.